Christ-Centered Bible Study

Christ-Centered Bible Study

Do you want to see Jesus in the whole Bible?

Maybe the resurgence of gospel-centered preaching has hit you like it’s hit me. You are bursting with excitement to see Jesus in every page of the Bible.

Genesis is full of symbols pointing to Christ. Great. Exodus has some too. So far, so good. Most of Leviticus points to Jesus as soon as you read Hebrews. Fantastic!

But what about Numbers? Not so much… What about Joshua and Judges? Maybe a few… What about all the genealogies? Not to mention passages without a hero. What about the book of James?

Suddenly the Bible doesn’t look like it’s full of Jesus.

How do you apply gospel-centered connections?

As I prepared a sermon to fill in for my pastor I recognized how James 1:2-4 points to Jesus. I rushed to show my wife, expecting her to faint with excitement.

“So what?”

Her answer stopped me cold. Who cares if we connect a passage to the cross if that connection doesn’t help us apply the intent of that passage to our lives?

Finding the answers

For the past year I’ve scoured every resource I could find on seeing Christ everywhere in the Bible. I’ve listened to seminary lectures, read books and journals and scraped for insights everywhere I could.

And I wrote it all down.

I originally wanted a simple document I could refer back to when I studied the Bible on my own, prepared Bible studies or wrote sermons. What I ended with was an 8,000 word e-book full of references to lectures, books and interviews that covers almost every biblical genre.

Why I’m giving this away

Several people have asked me why I’m not trying to sell this book. There are two reasons:

1. This book is full of better teachers than me. I didn’t come up with this stuff. This e-book is a summary of the teachings of some of the most respected seminary professors and preachers in Church history. Most of the content isn’t mine to begin with – and that’s a good thing! You and I both want to learn from the best teachers… so here they are!

2. This book is too important to charge for. I am too passionate for Christ and making him famous in all the Bible to charge you money for this. It’s a joy to give this book away. I hope it is a blessing.

What you get

Let’s get down to brass tacks: what’s in the book?

1. Strategies to see Jesus everywhere. We break down concrete strategies to see how each genre of Scripture points to the gospel of Jesus. For each passage type I include a summary of how to see gospel connections, an example making the connection and added resources from respected teachers to dig deeper.

2. How do you apply the connections? If the knowledge doesn’t affect us it’s academic. We explore two things:

  • How does seeing a passage’s connection to the person and work of Jesus help us obey it?
  • How does our every-day life point at the gospel?

How you can help

My hope is that you will do two things with this e-book.

1. Use it. Please don’t skim it and move on. Use it. Use the resources I link to. They will transform the way you read the Bible and walk with God.

2. Share it. Email it to your friends. Share it with your pastor. Tweet it. I’m giving this away because I believe it’s some of the most important information about reading the Bible. Please don’t keep it to yourself.

Christ-Centered Bible Study

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  1. Just printed out the book and plan on using it in my morning Bible study for the next couple of days. Will pass it along to others after I’ve gone through it. Thanks for this resource!

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