Guest Post Guidelines

Interested in writing for Armchair Theology? I accept a limited number of high-quality guest posts. Here are the guidelines:


Armchair Theology focuses on the cross-and-empty-tomb-centrality of Scripture and how to connect our daily life, ministry and worship to the gospel. I won’t approve general Bible study, ministry and Christian living posts without explicit ties to the finished work of Christ on our behalf. Read the Best Of posts¬†and check out my marquee content, Christ-Centered Bible Study, for an in-depth explanation of what I mean.

All content submitted for guest posts must be original work but quoting of and engaging with other sources is definitely encouraged. The content must not have been published before online, nor republished elsewhere in the future.

Please end your guest post with a call to action for readers to apply the information presented, comment on the article or another appropriate action.


I have no word minimums or limits. Use the amount of space you need to explore the content.


Please respond to comments on the post after it is published and publicize it via social networks, your blog, etc.


Every guest post receives a short bio section for the author to describe his or her interests, ministry and other pursuits. This section can contain links to more than one external website. Additionally, links to outside content are permitted within the body of a guest post if they are relevant to the discussion and helpful to the reader.


I’m a sucker for good grammar and concise writing. I may edit your post for style. I will not publish it without reviewing the edits with you beforehand.


Make your post easy on the reader. Use H2 and H3 headings, short paragraphs and bullet points. I prefer submissions in HTML format so I can immediately enter them into WordPress with your intended formatting.

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