Clearing Up The Biggest Misconception Of Gospel-Centered Preaching

This article, as part of my sabbatical, is a reminder of content you may have missed in 2012.

Some people really dislike gospel-centered preaching. They think it’s an attempt to find Jesus where he isn’t. I’m a huge proponent of gospel-centered Bible study

I used Christ-Centered Bible Study to explain why that view is mistaken. The mistake isn’t about interpretation. If gospel-centered preachers believed Jesus was present in every vers of the Bible, they’d be dead wrong. The mistake critics of gospel-centered preaching make is about the very nature of gospel-centered preaching:

In general, and in Warren’s case in particular, these criticisms attack straw men. They oppose a belief that no one actually holds. I don’t believe that the cross is in every verse. Tim Keller doesn’t believe that Jesus is present in every passage. Bryan Chappel doesn’t believe that Jesus is present, as he famously says, “in every mud puddle and camel track.”

Check out the full post for an explanation of what the real gospel-centered position is.

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